While hacking Santa's website, you find out you've made the naughty list!

The only rational response is, of course, to teleport to the North Pole, kill everyone, and take all the presents for yourself.

Battle through angry elves, deranged teddy bears, robots inside robots inside robots, and echo-locating belugas. Sidestep vomiting yetis, half-baked gingerbread men, whalers, mad for ambergris, and dozens of other adorably twisted denizens of the North Pole in your quest to take down Santa and nab his loot, all while wearing a rather fashionable onesie.

7 Levels, 6 bosses, 5 difficulty settings, 26 unique enemies, 80+ weapons, and over 100 facial expressions to really convey just how messed up all these characters are ;)

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Half beat-em-up, half shooter, you have to fight your way through each level, beating up,smashing, electrocuting, inflating and exploding a host of sickeningly cute adversaries. Screen filling bosses? Yup, we got 'em! Throw in a little bit of platforming, a jetpack, some environmental hazards, and death animations that make you kinda want to kill yourself just to see what happens.

There are two unique mechanics in this game: First are the Dig-Dug inspired guns that inflate your enemies until they pop. Great for buying yourself some time, setting up group kills, or taking out the tougher enemies quickly.

Second are the rather fragile melee weapons you have to deal with. While toy robots and frozen squirrels make for a stylish weapon, they aren't exactly the sturdiest things around. A couple good whacks and you'll find your damage output drop to nothing. Keep an eye out for other weapons on the ground, and swap early and often.

A little platforming, a little brawling, and Laser Whales! LASER WHALES!!!