A giant Yeti with intestinal problems, an Orca with laser eyes, and a pogo obsessed Teddy Bear? Not your typical gallery of rogues. A Snowman with a penchant for bowling, a Robot in a Robot suit, and of course, good ol' Kris Kringle, armed to the teeth and hopped up on milk n cookies, round out the bunch. What could go wrong?

Oh yeah, and don't forget the motley crew of normal enemies. From the elf that scored the sweet pink crown in the Christmas cracker, to the gummi bear that watched Karate Kid a few times too many; they're all trying to beat you down with whatever they can get their grubby little hands on. Be it a spent wrapping paper tube, an icing coated spatula, or a fluorescent light that would make George Lucas proud, it will all hurt just the same.